Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Working at Jagex, I was a developer on Chronicle: Runescape Legends, a unique digital CCG for PC built in Unity, in which you play cards to create quests for legends from the RuneScape world, in an effort to improve your legend and eventually defeat your rival. It was launched on Steam in 2016.

I helped take the game from an idea in a meeting room to 2D prototyping with just a designer, artist and I, all the way through to working with a team of over 20 for its final release. I covered many aspects of development including designing and prototyping gameplay, building robust core systems in C\#, working on server infrastructure, balancing cards and running live ops.

It saw critical success (76% Metacritic, constantly Very Positive (>80%) user reviews on Steam) and I am incredibly proud of what we achieved.

The game is no longer available on Steam but you can see gameplay footage above.

Transformers Universe

Again, at Jagex, I was a content developer on Transformers Universe, a third-person MOBA-like for PC launched in beta in 2014. My role as content developer involved designing and building core gameplay systems. I designed and implemented combat abilities, quests, gameplay modes and vehicle styles among other things. While the launched game was built in Unity, my work was done on a previous version of the game built on an in-house platform, and the majority of this work was done in Lua.


I spent a brief period of time between projects helping out with content development for Runescape. As with all of my roles, I had ownership of most of the work, handling both design and implementation of new content features for RuneScape. These were written in our in-house scripting language, and included more systems based content such as improving world map and utilities for players to track live events in game, such as the “D&D Tracker” update shown in the video above.


Personal Work


To see and play all my personal projects and game jam entries, head to my page.

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